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Representing either the buyer or the seller, I have handled dozens of merger and acquisition transactions, involving the sale of a business. In almost every case, the transaction starts with the preparation of a mostly non-binding “Letter of Intent” which sets forth the basic terms and conditions of the proposed sale or merger transaction.

Typical examples of transactions involve the merger of the selling entity into the acquiring entity, for cash and/or stock consideration in the acquiring entity or through a more common asset purchase transaction. Depending upon the purchaser’s familiarity with the business to be acquired (i.e., sometimes purchased by one or more long-time employees of the entity), occasionally the transaction is a simpler transfer of the ownership interests in the entity held by the existing owners to the new owners. Or occasionally a more complex forward triangular merger transaction, to avoid and defer significant capital gains tax consequences for the seller.

I have completed the sales of businesses as small as $5,000 to $10,000, and larger than $10,000,000.00. Regardless of the size, there are fundamental steps that are required for each sale or merger transaction, no matter the size. I have the experience to efficiently and cost-effectively represent buyers or sellers in these transactions.

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