Committed To Making Your Business Successful

I work very hard, and I love to work with clients who share the same work ethic and drive for success.

High-Energy Representation Aligned With Your Business

For more than 20 years, the law office of William H. O’Rourke, P.C., in Denver has provided outstanding legal service to business clients in matters vital to the life of their businesses. I am William O’Rourke, a sole practitioner and business attorney with big-firm experience and small-firm prices.

I am a high-energy attorney who brings a depth and wealth of experience to the marketplace in my chosen areas of expertise, with service organized around the needs of my clients. I love what I do, I get excited about my clients’ business opportunities, and I never lose sight that my legal expertise must blend seamlessly with the practicalities of the client in the operation of a successful business.

Practical, Effective Business Solutions

I am a quick read on how a deal comes together, with a depth of understanding across the legal disciplines that most impact the life of a business. I advise clients in project development, business transactions of all kinds, contract negotiation and drafting, litigation and alternative dispute resolution of business disputes, and advisory work and counsel in all manner of day-to-day business issues.

My legal services address corporate compliance and corporate governance, employment law issues, regulatory law issues and business succession planning — nearly any matter that requires legal expertise to help guide a client toward success.

Typical transactions involve:

  • Real estate leasing, acquisition, sales and financing
  • Entity formation and governance issues
  • Employment law
  • Business merger and acquisition transactions
  • Succession planning and ownership transition, often involving specialized trust and estate planning

When your real estate or business transaction goes awry or when you need the expertise of a legal partner to start, run or build your business, call Colorado lawyer William H. O’Rourke at 303-945-3035 or send an email using the form to the right.

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Three Reasons Clients Come Back To Me

1. It’s critical to the success of any business relationship that all parties understand the exchange of services.
All of my engagements start with a written engagement agreement, confirmed by each client, which spells out the scope of my proposed representation and my compensation arrangement for such work.

2. My emphasis is on thorough communication, both at the initial engagement and throughout what may become a long-term lawyer-client relationship. As a result, I have never had an unresolved dispute with a client over my fees. I very much understand deadlines and that time is money.

3. I’m not afraid to challenge paradigms in order to find innovative solutions to address the unique issues my clients have in their industries. In the drafting and preparation of the documents necessary to memorialize a transaction, I am constantly thinking “outside the box,” which usually results in a quicker turnaround of my work and very satisfied clients.

Qualified Legal Counsel For Your Business Needs

All businesses do business with other businesses, which means that contracts are negotiated and documented that simply and accurately reflect the agreement of the parties. As a transactional lawyer, I represent my business client base in the preparation of every kind and stripe of business agreement, from simple to complex.

Some of my clients require venture capital counsel. Others need direction in mergers, acquisitions, or the redemption or consolidation of former ownership interests. On occasion, the best of business transactions can go south. In such instances, I am there as corporate counsel to bring expert representation in oftentimes complex business disputes, which may be resolved through mediation or require litigation or arbitration for an acceptable result.

I understand how businesses work, and I am a quick study in mapping out the necessary business relationships which lead to the creation of documents that must be prepared to allow my clients to complete successful and mutually beneficial business transactions. Tell me about your proposed deal or transaction, and I will be “mapping it out,” document by document, in “real time.” I bring a creative, dynamic perspective to the construction of legal solutions for small and midsized businesses.